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10 Best Health Insurance Companies In UK

The health insurance system in UK is governed and guided by National Health Services (NHS). Their main goal is to publicly fund the health care companies in different part of UK. It includes National Health Services (England), NHS Scotland, NHS Wales and Health and Social care in Northern Ireland. In a recently concluded survey by World Health Organization (WHO) the government funding covers the 86% of healthcare expenditure in UK where as only 14% of the remaining healthcare expenditures are covered by private sector. There is lot of existing private and public health insurance companies that provides a full care to their customers. So I have picked some of the health insurance company in UK that are considered best by the people of UK. Here is the list of top 10 best health insurance companies in United Kingdom.

1.BUPA Health Insurance:
BUPA Health Insurance is one of the largest health insurance companies in UK. It provides full extensive cover for all the medical expenses that includes:
Full Cancer treatment
Affiliated with more than 400 accredited Hospitals
Heart patient’s treatment
24 hours information and guidance services
Other incurring medical expenses

2.AVIVA Health Insurance:
AVIVA insurance company is the 6th largest insurance company in the world and has over 53 millions customers in 28 countries. Their health insurance company AVIVA Health Insurance is recognized as one of the leading health insurance company in UK. They offer the covering of all the type of medical expenses from treatment, hospital, medicines and others.

3.AXA PPP Healthcare:
AXA insurance company is one of the leading insurance companies in Europe and in UK. They provide health, life and different forms of other insurance. Their AXA PPP healthcare department is known as one of the best health insurance companies in UK. They provide all the type of treatment to their customers and allow access to the best hospital and specialists.

4.Medicare International:
Medicare International offers you full cover of chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, and comprehensive cover of little checkups like X-rays, medications, general visits and specialists fees along with other incurring expenses. With over 20 years of experience they are known as one of the best health insurance company in UK.

5.National Friendly Healthcare:
National Friendly healthcare gives you the choice of any hospital in UK for treatment of different type health issues. They provide comprehensive medical cover for children and adults at fixed affordable premiums. It was voted as one of the best health insurance companies in UK by a leading newspaper.

PruHealth was awarded the Health Insurance Company of the year and several other awards in 2007. After its foundation in 2004 Pruhealth quickly climbed to the rank and established itself as the leading Health Insurance companies in UK.

7.Simply Health:
Simply Health has serving people to afford healthcare for over 130 years. They cover all the expenses of their customers and provide them all the facilities and treatment of different medical issues such as Dental checkup, X-rays, chronic conditions, cancer and other major conditions.

8.SAGA Health Insurance:
SAGA health insurance provides you an extensive range of private medical facilities and covers almost all the medical expenses including doctor’s fees, treatment fees, Hospital Bills and many other incurring expenses. Therefore it is recognized as one the best health insurance companies in UK.

9.Helpucover Health Insurance:
This health insurance company provides you the covering of all the expenditure including dental bills, optical bills, consultation fees, medicines, hospital bills, doctor fees and treatment expenses. Helpucover Health Insurance was the recipient of several awards and is known as the leading health insurance companies of UK.

10.Freedom Health Insurance:
Freedom Health Insurance is probably the best provider of medical, sexual and aesthetic health care in UK. Freedomhealth offers a full range of private doctor and general practitioner services; private GUM clinic, STD and HIV test, testing and treatment services. Syphilis tests and treatment, Chlamydia tests and treatment, HIV tests, Hepatitis A, B & C Tests, Mycoplasma & Ureaplasma Test, Full Male and Female STD screens and treatments tests. It is consider as the top ranking health insurance company of UK.

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