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Cheap iPhone Insurance - Protecting Your iPhone

Cheap iPhone Insurance - Protecting Your iPhone
Insurance is what to do with nomophobia iPhone? Well, almost everything is Nomophobia fear of not being able to use the phone for any reason. In a survey conducted by YouGov at the request of the UK Post Office and 53% of respondents said they suffer from this phobia. This is not the official name and might not be true, it might scare people who can not stay in touch because of their cell phone was missing.

Obviously not a citizen of the United Kingdom, where all the people who were interviewed only a small number of participants was 2.163, which is not actually considered that the UK population is very large. But the point is here. It seems that in the United Kingdom, one of two nomophobes off their phones. Unfortunately, that has been lost, stolen mobile phones often. British Crime Survey conducted in August 2008, it was shown that in 6 out of 10 incidents, the phone is the only thing stolen. The same survey showed that 11% of victims were aged between 18 and 24 years, which is five times more people over the age of 64, this may mean that a person younger than people younger than the target for theft. persons phone, or that young people have mobile phones older.

Therefore, it is a great opportunity for anyone to lose their phone was rubato.Mentre may be true that you should ask yourself if you can afford to buy a new iPhone, it would pay a monthly fee for insurance. To help you decide if this is part of mathematics.

IPhone 3G, I will use this example. The online market is very popular for the iPhone 3G 8GB costs about £ 200, insurance is the cheapest iPhone 3G I found that the cost of cover is £ 6 per month, assuming that when we consider the statistics the above. Do not lose your iPhone for 2 years in two years you will pay £ 144 on insurance, so if you lose your iPhone after two years you will have to pay another 200 pounds to be. £ 400 in total, with the certainty that you pay only € 200 for mobile phones and 144 for insurance in addition to 344 pounds and get the new iPhone will be one of the best, as it covers. £ 1000.

In addition to this, if you're going to lose your iPhone, I do not know how long it will take to get a new one? Insurance companies typically take up to 48 hours to process a claim. So even if you're one of those 53% do not have to endure nomophobes for too long, because you will have a new iPhone back in 48 hours.

The bottom line is that when you get insurance for your phone, you can rest easy knowing that they will be in touch with family and friends. And we all know how important it is to be able to do so. Just be sure to get insurance, the iPhone and I do not agree with any policy, just read before accepting them and see which one fits you best.
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