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Auto Insurance

Insurance has become more of a necessity and less of a luxury now. There is simply no way out of it. There isn't a single person out there who can claim that nothing bad can happen to him. Which is why the mantra of living in these tumultuous times is it's better to be safe than sorry.

Why Pick us for Insuring your Car

One of the most common types of insurance is auto insurance. Auto insurance, or car insurance as it is also known, is compulsory in most parts of the world. You need to be careful while opting for a car insurance. You need to be sure that the policies you opt for cover every possibility of an accident or case where there may be damage to your vehicle. Be careful and cautious from opting for selected policies that only offer minimal protection, as you may land up with no settlement at the end of the day due to the skimpy policies that you picked.

We offer you policies that are flexible and which can be fine tuned to your needs. We offer policies wherein every possibility of physical damage or loss that a car may undergo is covered. To clear any doubts, you can refer to our annual claim payments that come to a whopping USD25 million. It may also help to know that we are the second largest local auto insurer in the vehicle insurance sector. That being the case, as we are the leaders in the overall insurance and especially in the auto insurance sector, surely we must be doing something right?

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